We offer expertise in engineering, manufacturing, assembly, quality, regulatory compliance, distribution and more.

The following is a quick summary of our capabilities for medical customers.

Facilities - Over 250,000 square feet of Design, Manufacturing, Assembly and Distribution space is immediately available to meet the needs of our customers. Additional Nordson Corporation facilities and service centers are available in nearly 40 countries throughout Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Molding Capabilities - Over 40 years of part design, mold design, build and plastic processing experience.

Assembly and Finishing Capabilities - a wide range of services

Engineering and Innovation - existing technology platforms, concept and prototypes, products & process

R&D Laboratory Capabilities - Environmental chamber, life cycle tester, leak testers and more.

Rapid Prototyping Capabilities - Tooling technologies, innovative materials and processes provide plastic components in a fraction of the time it may take to utilize metals.

Regulatory and Quality Capabilities - US FDA 21 CFR Part 820, EU ISO 13485 certified

Medical Device Assembly Capabilities - Precision fluid dispensing systems and components to assemble pacemakers, stents, catheters and many other devices.

Polymer Solution Casting - Utilizing liquid polymers to produce superior tubing for medical devices

Other Related Medical Capabilities