Medical Device Assembly Capabilities
For years, manufacturers have used our dispensing systems to bond together pacemakers, catheters, blood filters and many other devices associated with dialysis, anesthesia delivery, ventilators, respirators and disposables. In addition, our automated valves apply precise, minute amounts of cyanoacrylates, UV-cure adhesives and two-part epoxies for needle-hub bonding, syringe assembly and catheter manufacturing.
Precision Fluid Dispensing

Precision Fluid Dispensing

  • 1 component syringes and cartridges
  • 2K cartridges, static & metering mixers and accessories
  • Full range of tips, needles and pistons
  • High performance dispensers with viscosity compensation
  • Broad portfolio of valve technologies including jetting
  • Solder paste manufacturing and packaging
  • Tabletop robot integration

Application Examples

  • Dental Repair / Molds
  • Heart Stent Assembly
  • Blood Collection Tube Coating
  • Pacemaker Assembly
  • Ophthalmic Flushing Tips