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Design Center
Our knowledgeable team of engineers offers capabilities to the biotechnical market through custom-made fittings and assemblies created in our design center. From systems using a single fitting to complex configurations utilizing various components, we can design complete assemblies to your requirements.


Your Solution. Faster. For less.

With project requirements and timelines becoming increasingly demanding, it’s critical to partner with a team who understands fluid management solutions and the rigors of today’s medical device and biotech markets. Team up with the Nordson MEDICAL Design Center for your custom connector needs, whose market leading service, quality and delivery you’ve already come to know.

Here’s what you can expect from our Design Center and the “Specialists in Fluid Connections”:

Save Time – Talk to someone who understands your application requirements. The Design Center works with you to determine the most suitable material and design options to deliver the best performing product as cost-effectively as possible. We also utilize state of the art rapid prototyping techniques and in-house testing facilities to keep your project moving quickly and economically.

Save Money – Start with our existing product offering of over 4,000 fluid connectors, or utilize some of our existing mold configurations toward perfectly customizing a part to your application. Don’t forget, our technical and design assistance is FREE!

Save Trouble – Ensure that everything around your project will be done right the first time. Our dedicated and experienced staff will make sure that the finest details are covered from the time that we review your product requirements to the final product qualification.

The Design Center can also assist you in developing fluid connectors that comply to emerging standards. Nordson MEDICAL is an active member of the ISO 80369 standards group defining new standard connectors for small bore, medical device connections.

To get started today contact your Nordson MEDICAL Design Services Manager:
Toll Free - (866) 582-0965
Email - designcenter@nordsonmedical.com

Case Study #1

Orthopedic (Cold Therapy)
The customer is rebuilding a cold therapy system which incorporates a pump, cooler and cuff system in order to reduce costs, improve performance and make the unit more convenient for end users.

Case Study #2

Vascular Therapy
The customer has an air delivery and a return line for vascular compression therapy, which will be used in hospital environments and must therefore comply with JCAHO’s Sentinel Alert 36, guarding against the potential for misconnections with existing systems in the patient suite.

Case Study #3

Outpatient Surgery
The customer needs a set of mating connectors for an irrigation/aspiration system in a surgical procedure. The connectors must not be able to be accidentally misconnected.

Case Study #4

Cardiac Surgery
The customer requires a pressure relief system for a delicate procedure involving very closely controlling the pressure of saline being introduced from a syringe. The introduction pressure must not exceed a predetermined maximum.



"The experience of designing a custom part through Nordson MEDICAL's Design Center was very satisfying. They provided prompt and honest customer service throughout the process which allowed for aggressive timelines without compromising quality. Issues were addressed immediately and Nordson MEDICAL offered solutions for both short and long term. The fact is that we were really happy with (the) help, and we are looking forward to continue working with (them)."
W.O. - ablation systems

"You guys rock. We're off to a good start here together. Thanks to you and your team for looking for ways to save us money and improve performance. Awesome."
C.B. - outdoor equipment manufacturer

"In the medical device industry, rarely do cost and time remain constant throughout the life of any project. The Nordson MEDICAL Design Center team translated our requirements into a finished part ahead of schedule and at the quoted price. The project management and design and drafting support is superb. We were molding a plastic catheter hub that required a secondary trimming operation. The Nordson MEDICAL Design Center looked at our design and was able to provide us with a superior hub for a third of what it was costing us to make it in house. I can't say enough about the Nordson MEDICAL Design Center. The relaxed atmosphere they created was underscored with a professionalism and responsiveness to our project that created an overall feeling of confidence that the job would be done right. And they really delivered."
J.D. - enteral feeding systems

"The experience was easy and (the Nordson MEDICAL Design Center) provided excellent customer service."
C.S. - vascular access systems

"We had a great experience with the Design Center concerning modifying of an existing part that we use in manufacturing our pH sensors. Help was provided and the drawing of the modified piece was precise and within a very short period of time the manufactured part was delivered in large quantities. It was a job well done and we will continue doing business with Nordson MEDICAL."
S.A. - pH Sensors

"We have recently completed a very challenging multi-port fluidic transfer valve system with Nordson MEDICAL. From the very beginning, it became obvious that our colleagues at Nordson MEDICAL created and maintained an almost inter-company link with us. We have worked together to plan the best possible way to design our product and the necessary tooling to bring this product to the market. No detail was too small and no challenge was too big. We not only created an excellent product, but also had fun along the way. Looking forward to our next project together."
M.K. - reconstructive surgery