Nitinol Components - Alloy (NiTi) Based Invasive Medical Devices

Nitinol Components

Nordson MEDICAL can shape your nitinol ideas into reality. Whether you're looking for a handful of prototype devices or a partner that can scale to production volumes, Nordson MEDICAL can handle your nitinol component needs. We are experts in complex manual nitinol wire braiding and forming with over 1 million nitinol components deployed into the field today.

Complex Manual Nitinol Components - Wire Braiding and Forming

Why Manual Forming?

Manual forming allows for a more customized product, with a wider range of sizes, shapes, and densities than machine or laser cutting and forming, including:

  • Complex geometric mesh structures
  • Complex geometric shape structures
  • Multilateral closed ends
  • Density variations within one product
  • Attachment options such as spiral, wavy, or straight tips
  • Symmetric and asymmetric structures

Examples of Complex Nitinol-Based Devices

Nitinol components are used in minimally invasive devices for markets including urology, neurology, vascular, gastrointestinal, and structural heart. Some examples include:

  • Multipurpose snares
  • Braided nets and baskets
  • Graspers
  • Aortic valves
  • Stent grafts
  • Mesh over balloons
  • Stone extractors
Nitinol Components Manufacturing Services

Specialized Manufacturing Capabilities

Our highly skilled R&D team uses proprietary CAD modeling tools and an in-house workshop to provide you with true rapid prototyping services. When you're ready to scale, our production facilities have more than 80 manual assembly stations with highly experienced manufacturing team members to meet your volume production needs.

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