Versatility Handle and Versatility Mini Handle

Versatility™ Modular Handle

For Steerable Medical Devices

Whether you're developing a steerable device, catheter, or sheath, the Versatility handle platform can help you shave months off your product development timeline, at a fraction of the cost of conventional development.

Fast-Track Development

The Versatility handle eliminates the need to design and tool a handle in-house, allowing you to test concepts faster and focus your efforts on developing the clinical potential of your steerable sheath.

Versatile Design

The Versatility handle platform can accommodate shafts up to 24 Fr. The Versatility and Versatility Mini handles feature ready-made molded components you can easily configure for a variety of applications and functionalities:

Versatility handle design articulation
Unidirectional, bidirectional, or multiplanar
Precise advancement/retraction
Precise angular positioning

Proven Functionality

With the Versatility handle, we've worked out the kinks, so you don't have to. You get a sleek, robust steerable sheath handle with high-fidelity molded parts and proven functionality that will lend credibility to your prototype with the look of a finished product.

Versatility Handle Platform: Options for Every Team's Needs

Handle Type Description
Online Store:
Versatility Mini Universal Handle Kit*
  • Accommodates 0-10 Fr shafts
  • Steerable unidirectional or bidirectional catheter handle
  • Dimensions: 196 mm length x 24 mm diameter
  • Ships within 24 hours
Online Store:
Versatility Universal Handle Kit*
  • Accommodates 0-24 Fr shafts
  • 1 or 2 motions: choose from articulation, translation, or rotation
  • Dimensions: 248 mm length x 38 mm diameter
  • Ships within 24 hours
  • Accommodates 0-24 Fr shafts
  • 1 or 2 motions: chose from articulation, translation, or rotation
  • Assembled with shaft built to your specifications, including complex reinforced shafts
  • Available in as little as 2 weeks
* Assembly required. Kit includes handle components only. Shaft and other components available separately.

Time and Cost Comparison

Based on an actual case study, this chart compares time and cost of developing a high-fidelity steerable sheath prototype using a) conventional development methods and b) development using the Versatility handle. Leveraging the Versatility handle and Nordson MEDICAL's advanced components saved more than $75,000 and shaved 9 weeks off the schedule for achieving a critical development milestone—a time and cost savings of more than 80%.

Conventional Development

Device development without Versatility handle:
Minimum of
11 Weeks AND $87K

Generate dedicated handle design 2+ Weeks
Order and receive 1st round rapid prototypes (SLA) 1 Week
Test handle components and iterate design 2+ Weeks
Order and receive 2nd round rapid prototypes (SLA) 1 Week
Test handle components & finalize molded design 2+ Weeks
Cut soft molds and receive 1st shots 2+ Weeks
Build and evaluate 1 Week

Development Leveraging Versatility Handle*

Device development with Versatility handle:
<2 Weeks AND $12K

Evaluate design compatibility 1 Day
Place order online 1 Day
Build and evaluate 1 Week

Development milestone: High-fidelity prototype with proven molded handle
* Costs include braided shaft development by Nordson MEDICAL. Development times and costs may vary based on application.

Download Time & Cost Comparison

Startup Gets Jump Start with Versatility Handle

A cardiovascular startup company used the Versatility handle and additional Nordson MEDICAL components to develop a steerable device for an embolic protection application. The result was a time and cost savings of more than 80% compared with conventional development methods:

  • $75,000 cost savings
  • 9 weeks shaved off the schedule
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Order Online or Go Semicustom

You can leverage the Versatility handle platform in two ways:

  • Order a Versatility handle kit from our Online Store and add components to build your own device prototype
  • Work with Nordson MEDICAL to create a semicustom device prototype using the Versatility handle and a shaft built to your specifications
Order Kit Try Semicustom Tool

Need a Complete Steerable Device?

Nordson MEDICAL can work with you to design and develop a custom shaft and fully assembled device. Contact us to discuss how we can leverage our expertise and help get your project on the fast track.

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