Medical Tubing Products

Custom Extrusion Tubing

Get a fully custom extrusion made to your exact specifications. Many extrusions can be shipped in as little as 2 weeks.

Heat Shrink Tubing

We are your exclusive source for medical heat shrink tubing, the World's thinnest, smallest, and strongest medical heat shrink tubing.

Liner Tubing

Unlike most medical device manufacturers, Nordson MEDICAL supplies PTFE liner tubing on mandrels, which allows for thinner walls, reduced assembly time, and more precise IDs.

Lubricious Tubing

Multiple configurations of lubricious single-lumen extruded tubing are available to ease insertion into the body or another device, increase movement and boost pushability.

Medical Tubing

We have the broadest medical tubing line in the industry, from simple to complex tubing in a variety of materials.

Multilayer Medical Tubing

We can fabricate tubing with up to 3 layers of different materials to enable medical device manufacturers to optimize performance characteristics.

PEEK Tubing

PEEK tubing is a popular choice for medical device manufacturers because it's light, strong, and can replace metal, even in high-temperature sterilization applications.

Polyimide Tubing

Our polyimide tubing line includes 250+ items useful for medical device manufacturers needing ultrathin walls and tight tolerances, including braid-reinforced tubing.

Rapid Custom Extrusion Tool

Order single-lumen custom extrusions online that ship in as little as 2 weeks. Order online and skip the wait for quotes and long lead times.

Reinforced Tubing

Our reinforced tubing has multiple layers with braid or coil reinforcement, making it a versatile component for medical device manufacturers to work with.

Engineered Shafts

Multiple configurations of complex shafts are available, including multi-durometer, steerable, braided, coil-reinforced, last cut hypotube and helical hollow strand.

Versatility Universal Handle

Versatility handle kits eliminate the need to design and tool a handle in-house. Trust an experienced medical device manufacturer to help you save time and cost.