Polymer Solution Casting™
Feature-Rich Options
Nordson MEDICAL utilizes liquid polymers to produce reinforced tubing for medical devices.
Feature-Rich Options


  • Single lumen
  • Dual lumen
  • Multi-lumen
  • Co-axial
  • Complex geometric designs
  • Tapered designs
  • Bump tubing
  • Bending/shaping/forming

Complex Cross-Sectional Profiles

  • Multiple lumens and cross sectional profiles within a seamless one piece construction

Embedded Reinforcement/Features

  • Coiling (flat, round wire)
  • Braiding (flat, round wire)
  • Malleable and laser cut wires
  • Laser cut hypotubes
  • Radiopaque/imaging targets (marker bands, tantalum dots, etc.)
  • Medical grade stainless steel or nitinol
  • Sensors, electronics

Wall Thickness

  • Continual and multi-layered wall thickness over the length of the tube/product


  • Flexible to rigid durometers over the length of the tube/product Intermittent layers

Hubs, Luers, Caps and Connectors

  • Custom or Standard Colors
  • Hub bonding

Holes, Ports, Orifices

  • Round holes
  • Custom holes
  • Skived side holes


  • Solution compounding
  • Jacket materials
  • Liner/substrate materials
  • Custom blends