FibriJet Biomaterial Delivery Devices
FibriJet, the "Gold Standard" in biomaterial delivery devices, includes a variety of single-use applicators and tips for the dispensing of biomaterials while offering modularity and flexibility to meet the rigor of surgical procedures.
FibriJet Biomaterial Delivery Devices

FibriJet biomaterial applicators and tips are used to accurately control and dispense biomaterial including tissue sealant, hemostats, and concentrated plasma gel to control bleeding, healing wounds, and other related medical procedures. Single and dual syringe applicators and an extensive line of interchangeable tips meet the particular needs of specific surgical procedures. FibriJet products dispense a single material or simultaneously dispense two materials to a localized treatment site with simple, one-handed operation.

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Our products are marketed to a wide variety of customers including distributors, surgeons, OEMs, hospitals, and outpatient clinics. All products can be private labeled or customized to meet your specific user requirements.

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