Our barbed check valves come in a variety of configurations. Find out why our check valves are perfect for your applications.

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Barbed check valves from Nordson MEDICAL feature 3/32" (2.4 mm) and 1/8" (3.2 mm) single barb ends in barb to barb straight through, reducing, and barb to male/female luer configurations. Find out why our check valves are perfect for your applications.

Reliable Mechanical Connection

Reliable Mechanical Connection – Barbed check valves feature more precise, lower crack pressures, and higher flow rates. Cracking pressures are ≥ 6 mBar (≥ .087 psig), and flow rate with water is ≤ 150 ml/min (≤ .0396 gal/min). With a normally closed valve position, you can get optimum flow control.

Reduced Risk of Contamination

Reduced Risk of Contamination – By only allowing flow in one direction, and automatically preventing back flow, check valves help keep your systems clean.

Easy Operation

Easy Operation – Barbed check valves are ideal for infusion, drainage, and irrigation applications. They do not require assistance to open and close, as that is controlled by the flow. They also operate in any spatial orientation, so you can focus on other parts of your assembly.


Biocompatibility – Nordson MEDICAL's barbed check valves are safe for use in medical devices, as our materials meet USP Class VI and ISO 10993 criteria. Materials include MABS and SAN housing with latex-free silicone diaphragms. Testing results are available on request, saving you the time it takes to conduct your own tests.

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Nordson MEDICAL offers an extensive line of check valves, available in anti-siphon, high flow, one-way, barbed, and bi-directional configurations in a variety of materials and end fitments.

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We are always looking for opportunities to better support our European and Asian customers. This is why we are proud to announce that all of the check valves from Nordson MEDICAL are available for sale online.

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Applications of Complex Interventional

Complex Delivery Systems
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Complex delivery systems have helped push forward advancements across interventional medicine. They are used in the structural heart space to deliver large implants, including heart valves for aortic and mitral valve replacement, in the neurovascular space to deliver stents and thrombectomy devices, and in electrophysiology to precisely deliver energy (electrical or extreme temperature) to treat arrhythmia. These procedures provide life-saving options for patients where surgery is not an option or where the condition is only accessible with a catheter-based delivery system.

Nordson MEDICAL has deep expertise in all aspects of these complex delivery systems, from components and technologies including engineered shafts, heat shrink tubing, and medical balloons, to the design, development, and manufacture of finished devices. Our experience allows us to quickly understand the performance characteristics and clinical requirements, so we can work with you to design and manufacture a delivery system that meets your project's needs, including designing for flexibility, torquability, minimizing ovalization, kink resistance, pushability, and other mechanical properties. We are also able to support the quality, project management, packaging, labeling, and supply chain.

From concept to production, leverage our expertise in delivery systems to ensure a viable procedure.

SimShaft™ Design Simulation Service gives you the information you need to make informed design decisions, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional prototype iterations.

Get the information you need to optimize your engineered shaft design quickly and economically with our SimShaft™ design simulation service. Our experts analyze your design using specialized software to simulate catheter shaft performance characteristics and help you identify the optimal shaft design–much faster than traditional methods.

SimShaft™ Design Simulation Service

Case Study

3i Event Launches Design, Development, & Manufacture of Complex Delivery System For Breakthrough Interventional Device

Learn how a company outsourced the development of the delivery system to significantly accelerate the time to clinical trials, as the customer team did not have the engineering or manufacturing capacity to develop both the implant and delivery system simultaneously.

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