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Critical Manufacturing

Critical Manufacturing for COVID-19 Treatments

Nordson MEDICAL continues to produce medical/healthcare products that are essential to patients throughout the world. Our supply of raw materials and inventory levels are stable, and all production and shipments are on schedule.

Nordson MEDICAL is monitoring the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local governments. We have been recognized as a critical business, involving health care operations and critical manufacturing. Our operations team is fully up and running, and we're continuing to manufacture components and devices to service customers in critical industries.

We supply fittings for disposable blood pressure cuffs and quick connect couplings for the manufacture of rapid COVID-19 test kits, catheters and cannulae to treat patients with advanced COVID-19 symptoms, and other key components directly related to lifesaving healthcare device products.

We're here to help in the fight against this global pandemic. Contact us at 1-888-404-5837 or for assistance.

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