Extensive Selection of Polyimide Tubing and Composite Tubing

Polyimide Tubing

Polyimide & Composite Film Cast Tubing

Nordson MEDICAL has the broadest, most versatile medical tubing line in the industry. Our extensive selection of polyimide tubing features:

  • Very thin wall thickness
  • Tight-tolerance inner and outer diameters
  • Outstanding electrical insulation properties
  • Stiffness and column strength as required
  • Ability to withstand very high temperatures
  • 81 different layering and custom composite configurations

Applications of Polyimide

  • Retention sheath for self-expanding stents
  • Inflation lumen for balloons
  • Suction lumen for atherectomy devices
  • Liner material for lumens containing catheter-steering wires
  • Low-diameter guidewire designs or guidewire outer sheaths
  • High-temperature or gamma radiation-resistant tubing applications
  • Applications requiring high tensile strength, torque transmission, or column stiffness
  • Precision wire coating
Polyimide Tubing and Composite Tubing Stocked Online

Stock Options

Our Online Store offers a full range of thin-wall polyimide tubing products.

  • More than 200 configurations of tight-tolerance polyimide tubing
  • Inner diameter (ID) range: 0.004"–0.085" (in 0.001" increments)
  • Wall thicknesses: thick, thin, and ultrathin

Six Unexpected Uses for Polyimide

Even if you've been using thin-wall polyimide tubing for years, you might be surprised by some of the ways this exceptionally strong and durable polymer can be used in catheters and other medical devices.

Unlimited Custom Configurations

Don't see the thin-wall polyimide tubing you need in our Online Store? Our made-to-order, tight-tolerance polyimide tubing is manufactured to your specifications. Contact us to discuss your needs.

  • ID range: 0.004"–0.085"
  • Wall thickness range: 0.0005"–0.0100"
  • Colors: amber, red, yellow, black, and green

Are You Bonding a Nitinol Component to Polyimide Tubing?

We specialize in complex manual nitinol wire braiding and forming. Manual forming allows for a more customized product, with a wider range of sizes, shapes, and densities than machine or laser cutting and forming.

Composite Tubing

Thin-wall polyimide tubing can be blended, braided, or layered with multiple polymers to get the performance characteristics your application requires:

  • Low-friction layer inside or outside
  • Fusible thermoplastic outer layer
  • Improved kink radius
  • Excellent torque when braided

Our composite tubing features:

  • More than 80 layer combinations
  • Many materials, including PTFE, Nylon, Pebax®, Polyurethane, Polyphenylsulfone, and Polyimide

Braid-Reinforced Tubing

Our braid-reinforced tubing comprises 4+ layers with wire braid in the middle for torque, tensile strength, and kink resistance. Why choose polyimide over extrusions?

  • Smaller diameters
  • Thinner wall thickness
  • Tighter tolerances

Stock and Made-to-Order Braid-Reinforced Tubing

Our Online Store carries a variety of configurations of braid-reinforced tubing.

  • ID range: 0.013"–0.074"
  • Wall thickness range: 0.002"–0.008"

Our made-to-order braid-reinforced tubing is manufactured to your specifications:

  • ID range: 0.004"–0.420"
  • Wall thickness range: 0.0005"–0.010"

Precision Wire Coatings

Because of its outstanding electrical insulation properties, polyimide makes an ideal wire coating, with:

  • High dielectric strength
  • Precision tolerances
  • Resistance to chemicals and high temperatures
  • Thin wall thickness
  • High strength
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