SimShaft™ for Optimal Catheter Shaft Designs

ModCath online design tool for balloon catheter development

Nordson MEDICAL’s SimShaft design simulation service gives you the information you need to make informed design decisions, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional prototype iterations.

Our experts perform a detailed design analysis using specialized, validated software to simulate catheter shaft performance characteristics and determine the optimal design—earlier in the design process.

Optimal catheter shaft design faster

3 Steps to Optimal Shaft Designs

Step 1: Collaborate

Working closely with your team, Nordson MEDICAL engineers input your current and desired shaft design attributes or performance characteristics, such as:

  • Wall thickness
  • Liner material
  • Outer jacket material
  • Type of reinforcement (braid or coil)
  • Reinforcement material
  • Number and direction of wires
  • Reinforcement pick count or pitch
  • Tensile strength
  • Bend radius
  • Flexural modulus
  • Burst pressure
  • Torque response
Step 2: Simulate

Using proprietary software, the Nordson MEDICAL team simulates iterations on various parameters to achieve your desired attributes or performance characteristics.

Step 3: Analyze and Recommend

Experienced Nordson MEDICAL design engineers analyze and interpret the results of the software and provide a report with recommended shaft designs.

Contact us to evaluate designs for your next complex reinforced shaft.

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