BPL Series Blood Pressure Fittings

BPL Series Blood Pressure Fittings

Complete Confidence in a Quarter of a Turn

The BPL Series incorporates a quarter-turn design that is commonly used in blood pressure applications – particularly in blood pressure cuffs. Strong tensile pull resistance, a resilient o-ring, and added thickness of the latch wall provide the connectors with a robust seal, ensuring a secure connection. The medical-grade ABS material also offers high durability, an operating temperature range of 0-45° C, and it can withstand bulk sterilization processes. The BPL Series is also compatible with other connectors in the market.

Superior Ergonomics

The following features can be crucial in healthcare environments due to hindrances such as dark rooms, baggy rubber gloves, and the potential for situations that don't allow time for fumbling.

  • Wings
    • The patent-pending wings on either side of the male connector prevent fingers from sliding around the fitting and make the quarter-turn connection easier.
  • 10-Point Grip
    • Multiple notches surrounding the lug make the fittings less likely to slip between fingers. While this is currently a feature on a variety of Nordson MEDICAL fittings, the BPL Series offers a wider grip to improve ease-of-use, and exists on both the male and female halves.
  • Secure Latch
    • The user will hear and feel a distinct, audible click from the snap-on connection. This is accompanied by a clear indication of when the two latches are fully interconnected.
  • Rotating Barb
    • The independently rotating barb provides tubing the ability to turn during use without kinking, twisting, and interrupting flow. While various connectors in the industry have rotating barbs, tubing often sits against the body of the fitting. This contact results in a friction that prevents rotation. Our "tube-stop" allows the barb to move freely. It stops the tube from making contact with the body of the connector, therefore allowing the rotating barb to remain completely independent.

Features & Benefits

  • Alternative to luer connectors
  • Ergonomic wing-grip design for ease of use and 360° of tubing rotation
  • "Tube stop" design allows rotating barb to remain independent
  • Quarter-turn design with audible and tactile click when latch is securely interconnected
  • Compatible with industry connectors
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BPL Series Blood Pressure Fittings Technical Information

  • Fluid Path
    • Medical-grade ABS
  • Wing-Grip Shroud
    • Acetal
  • O-Ring
    • Buna-N
  • Can withstand bulk sterilization
Fits Tubing ID
  • 1/8" (3.2 mm)
  • 5/32" (4.0 mm)
Barb Style
  • 200 series single barbs for ease of assembly and enhanced resistance to tube pulloff
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