Medical Balloons Technical Information

Medical Balloon Types and Specifications
*Production capability may vary depending upon overall balloon design.

Non-compliant Dilatation Balloons
Characteristics Ultrahigh strength, thin walls
Materials PET
Compliance Range 0%–10% (typical)
Color Optically clear or colored
Light transmission Transmits light over very broad spectrum including Nd:YAG lasers
Sizes Diameter: 0.5 mm–80 mm
Length: Virtually any (15" max)
Burst pressures 15 psi–400 psi (1atm–27 atm)
Coatings available Yes
Semi-compliant Dilatation Balloons
Characteristics High strength, thin walls
Materials PET, Nylon, Polyurethane, other thermoplastic elastomers
Compliance Range 10%–20% (typical)
Sizes Diameter: 0.5 mm–50 mm
Length: Virtually any (15" max)
Burst pressures 15 psi–375 psi (1 atm–25.5 atm)
Coatings available Yes
Compliant Balloons
Characteristics Low pressure, thin and thick walls
Materials Polyurethane, Nylon elastomers, and other thermoplastic elastomers
Compliance Range 20%–200% or more
Sizes Diameter: 0.5 mm–80 mm
Length: Virtually any (15" max)
Burst pressures 0 psi–30 psi (0 atm–2 atm)
Balloons can be designed for volume
Coatings available Yes

Medical Balloon Shapes

Standard Balloon
Conical Balloon
Square Balloon
Spherical Balloon
Elliptical Balloon
Conical / Square Balloon
Long Conical / Square Balloon
Conical / Spherical Balloon
Long Spherical Balloon
Tapered Balloon
Dog Bone Balloon
Stepped Balloon
Offset Balloon
Conical / Offset Balloon
Your Design

Standard Medical Balloon Ends

Conical Sharp Corner
Conical Radius Corner
Square End
Spherical End
Offset Neck
Your Design


A wide variety of coatings can be added to the surface of a complex medical balloon to enhance or change its properties to meet new requirements, including:

  • Lubricious coatings (hydrophilic and hydrophobic)
  • Abrasion- and puncture-resistant coatings
  • Tacky or high-friction coatings
  • Conductive coatings
  • Antithrombogenic coatings
  • Drug-release coatings
  • Reflective coatings
  • Selective coatings
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