High-performance Extruded Tubing for Clinical Applications

Extruded Tubing

Nordson MEDICAL has a long, successful track record of supplying high-precision, specialized extruded tubing to the medical device industry. A global partner with facilities around the world, we specialize in high-performance tubing for critical applications. We know that speed to market is key, so we offer expertise in premium, medical-grade extruded tubing with expanded capacity in our U.S. and European facilities with less than two weeks lead time on new projects specific to multi-layer PTA/PTCA applications, single-lumen, and multi-lumen tubing. We also scale to your production needs with confidence through FDA registered production sites, ISO 13485 certified facilities, and Class 8 qualified production cleanrooms.

Customized Materials to Meet Your Needs

  • Full range of thermoplastics
  • Full range of Fluoroplastics (FEP, PTFE)
  • Engineering plastics (PEEK, Polysulphone)
  • Custom compounds: colorants, stabilizers, radiopaque fillers, and active agents
Extruded Tubing and State-of-the-art Extrusion Equipment

In-House Equipment & Expertise

Nordson MEDICAL brings state-of-the-art extrusion equipment together with materials and engineering expertise to develop specialized extruded tubing for the most demanding interventional and surgical applications. We offer:

  • Best-in-class tolerances
  • Fastest medical polyurethane line in the world (> 300 million feet annually)
  • Automatic closed-loop feedback systems that allow us to maintain constant melt pressure to minimize process variation
  • Validated processes to support customer compliance
  • Cleanroom environment for most commercial extrusions
Lubricious Materials and Additives for Medical-grade Extruded Tubing

Lubricious Materials & Additives

Medical device designers of catheter-based devices use lubricious materials to ease insertion into the body or into another device, boost pushability, and increase sensitivity of movement. These lubricious materials are used as a tubing liner, as an alternative to hydrophilic coatings, or as a way to improve bonding to other components. We have multiple configurations of lubricious, single-lumen extruded tubing available in our Online Store with the following market-leading lubricious additives: EverGlide®, PEBASlide, ProPell S™, and Mobilize. Contact us to discuss custom medical extruded tubing with lubricious materials and additives.

Medical Extruded Tubing: Process Parameters and Equipment Play Critical Role in Performance Characteristics

Sometimes process parameters and extrusion equipment are more important than the actual dimensions of the tube.

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