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Medical Grade Check Valves

What is a Check Valve?

A check valve controls the flow direction of fluids and are available in various configurations depending on the application. Single-configuration check valves are designed to prevent back flow in only one direction. Double-configuration check valves control flow bi-directionally by diverting fluid to multiple outlets consecutively. Single-configuration check valves are normally closed - meaning they require positive pressure differential to allow flow - with various termination options including luers, bond sockets, bond posts, and barbed designs. There are also several opening pressure ratings from precision near zero opening pressure options to the anti-siphon valves which have higher opening pressures to prevent gravity induced flow. Medical grade check valves are made with USP Class VI materials deemed safe for use with the human body. Medical grade check valves reduce the risk of contamination, allow seamless priming, and offer higher flow rates. They are ideal for medical device designers focused on infusion, drainage and irrigation applications.

Single-Configuration Check Valves

Single-Configuration Check Valves, or SCV Series products, are available in anti-siphon, one-way, and barbed configurations in a variety of materials and terminations. The one-way configurations feature male and female locking luers, bond sockets, and bond posts in multiple combinations and sizes. The barbed check valves feature 3/32” (2.4 mm) and 1/8” (3.2 mm) single barb ends in barb to barb straight through, reducing, and barb to male/female luer configurations. Single configuration check valves reduce the risk of contamination and feature more precise, lower opening pressures and higher flow rates. They are ideal for medical device designers focused on infusion, drainage and irrigation applications.

All check valves include DEHP- and latex-free silicone diaphragms and feature a low priming volume, ease of removing air bubbles during priming and operate in any spatial orientation. All materials of construction satisfy USP Class VI and ISO 1099 criteria.

Double-Configuration Check Valves

Nordson MEDICAL's unique Double-Configuration Check Valves or DCV Series bi-directional double check valve is designed to transfer clean fluid from a supply vessel to a use site. The fluid supply vessel is connected to the valve supply port (chimney) using a luer connection or tubing. The fluid is withdrawn from the supply vessel by a syringe or other device connected to the aspiration port. When the syringe is compressed the fluid is then transferred, through the exit port, to the use site without adulterating the fluid. DCV Series bi-directional valves are produced in polycarbonate resin using a silicone diaphragm, with two available inlet ports connecting to the female luer aspiration and male luer discharge ports.

Custom-Configuration Check Valves

Nordson MEDICAL is your single-source partner for Custom-Configuration Check Valves. We can work with your team from the original idea through production scale up. From customized connecting geometry to valve performance characteristics, we can tailor our check valves to meet your specific requirements in the most demanding applications.

Call the Nordson MEDICAL customer service team at 1-888-404-5837 today, and discover how partnering with Nordson MEDICAL delivers world-class precision in your most demanding applications.

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