Market Leader and Expert in Medical Balloons

Medical Balloons

Nordson MEDICAL is the market leader in complex medical balloon design, development, and manufacturing. Our pioneering Advanced Polymers team was the first to manufacture and supply medical balloons to the medical device industry. Our medical balloon expertise is unmatched, with:

  • 25+ years of experience
  • 1 million+ balloons manufactured annually
  • > 300 custom balloons designed annually

Realize Speed to Market with Quick-Turn Balloon Prototyping from Nordson MEDICAL

Nordson MEDICAL's Balloon Center of Excellence in Salem, New Hampshire, USA is the market leader in complex medical balloon design, development, and manufacturing. As a fully-integrated supplier, we manage every step of medical balloon development and production. All extrusion, tooling, design, manufacturing, and testing is performed in-house, enabling us to produce the highest quality balloons in less time, accelerating your product development and time to market.

In addition to our vertical integration, shorter lead times are realized due to our unrivaled R&D services, specifically focused on a smooth development process with manufacturing in mind. Upon design transfer, our high-volume capacity enables you to scale your production needs with confidence. From concept to long-term commercial manufacturing, let Nordson MEDICAL be your balloon center of excellence!

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High-Pressure Polyurethane Balloons

Nordson MEDICAL is the market leader in complex medical balloon design, development, and manufacturing. Our Salem, NH facility has established a particular expertise in polyurethane balloons. Polyurethane is widely used to make compliant balloons that exhibit 20% to 200% or more growth across working ranges. Polyurethanes with lower durometers offer higher compliance, and higher durometer urethanes offer superb durability and are capable of constrained pressures that can exceed 30 atm.

Medical Balloon Characteristics

Polyurethane balloons are widely used in clinical applications such as atrial fibrillation, kyphoplasty, urinary, and vascular occlusion.

High Quality, High Performance Medical Balloons

High-Quality, High-Performance Medical Balloons

Our complex medical balloons have earned their reputation as the best in the industry, with:

  • Tightest tolerances
  • Highest burst pressures
  • Thinnest walls
  • Unique balloon design options (multilumen, coated, bent balloon)

Applications of Complex Medical Balloons

  • Dilatation: High-pressure medical balloons apply a force to dilate restrictions or unblock arteries. They are non-elastic and retain their size and shape under pressure. They can be used in other areas of the body for esophageal dilatation, ureteral dilatation, heart valve dilatation, and more.
  • Stent Delivery: High-pressure balloons are commonly used to deploy and post-dilate stents to reduce the rate of arterial restenosis and acute reclosure following angioplasty. Low-compliant balloons ensure that the artery will not be over-expanded.
  • Positioning:
    • Offset balloons can be used to position various devices or instruments to concentrate on one wall in a vessel or body cavity.
    • Symmetrical balloons precisely center an instrument in a body cavity.
    • A balloon with a narrowing in the body (dogbone shape) can be used to position a device laterally within a structure such as a valve.
  • Occlusion: Low-pressure, elastomeric balloons are used to fill various shape body cavities.
  • Endovascular Graft Delivery: grafts are deployed and attached to an artery wall by deploying a balloon within the artery
  • Energy Delivery: High-pressure balloons can be used to transfer heat or cold because their ultra-thin walls provide a relatively high rate of heat transfer
  • Light Therapy: PET balloons are optically clear and permit the transmission of light over a broad spectrum, making them well suited for Laser Balloon Angioplasty (LBA) and Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) with light-activated drugs.
  • Drug Delivery: Two discrete balloons or a "dog bone" shaped balloon can be used to seal off an area to be treated without subjecting too large an area to the medication.
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Industrys Widest Selection of Medical Balloons

Widest Selection In The Industry

We can provide a medical balloon to meet the needs of any application:

Fully Integrated Supplier

Unlike most other suppliers, we manage every step of medical balloon production in-house, from extrusion to tooling design to manufacturing. This integration allows us to produce the highest-quality custom balloons, often in as little as 2 weeks. We also use the same processes and equipment for complex medical balloon prototypes as we do for production, which supports a quick transition into manufacturing.

Stock Options

Our innovative Online Store offers a large selection of components.

Customized Medical Balloons Made to your Specification

Unlimited Custom Options

Don’t see the medical balloon you need in our Online Store? We can design a custom balloon to your exact specifications, from prototype to full-scale production.

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