PET Heat Shrink Tubing in various colors

PET Heat Shrink Tubing

PET Makes it Possible

Nordson MEDICAL is known for having PET heat shrink tubing with the thinnest walls and strongest performance. Heat shrink tubing provides insulation, protection, stiffness, sealing, and strain reliefs for a variety of applications, without significantly adding to the profile of a device. A versatile alternative to conventional techniques, heat shrink is easy to use and quickly takes the shape of the object it's being applied to.

Nordson MEDICAL offers a range of in-stock heat shrink tubing sizes, colors, and printing, with custom solutions available to meet your specifications.

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Applications of PET Heat Shrink Tubing

PET heat shrink tubing is used for a wide range of medical device applications and as a manufacturing aid.

  • Electrical Insulation: Because of the high dielectric strength of PET, it is ideal for use with energy-generating or sensing devices and can be left on the device.
  • Variable-Stiffness Shafts: Because of its ultrathin walls, PET heat shrink tubing can add stiffness to some or all of a shaft without adding to the profile.
  • Braid Termination: With high hoop strength, PET can capture a braid and prevent it from rising up.
  • Pad Printing or Marking: Our custom configurations allow for pad printing or marking the tubing to avoid printing directly on a device.
  • Protective Covering/Coating and Bundling:
    • Cover laser-cut hypotubes, braided catheter shafts, spring coils, radiopaque marker bands, and other parts that require a thin but very strong outer layer.
    • Bundle and compress components, such as plastic and metal tubing, wires, and optical fibers into the smallest possible space.
    • Bundle common plastic and metal tubes to create a quick, low-cost, multilumen tube.
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Thinnest, Yet Strongest

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) medical heat shrink tubing combines incredible strength and durability with extraordinarily thin walls, and can be drawn-down while maintaining its strength. PET heat shrink can easily be left on a finished device without significantly affecting the profile. Its incredible dielectric strength makes PET heat shrink ideal for electrical insulation.

We are the exclusive supplier of PET medical heat shrink tubing, which uses a proprietary process developed by Vention Medical / Advanced Polymers.

Technical Information

Find specifications like diameter, wall thickness, shrinkage, and biocompatibility for thin-wall heat shrink tubing.

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Stock Options

Our Online Store offers a full range of thin-wall heat shrink tubing products.

  • Inner diameter (ID) range: 0.006"–1.25"
  • Wall thickness: as thin as 0.0001"
Custom Configurations of Heat Shrink Tubing

Unlimited Custom Configurations

Don't see the heat shrink tubes you need in our Online Store? Our custom medical heat shrink tubing can be fabricated to your specifications. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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