Worlds thinnest, smallest, strongest heat shrink tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing

Helping Your Medical Devices Take Shape

Nordson MEDICAL brings years of experience and expertise to PET and FEP heat shrink tubing.

We are the exclusive supplier of the thinnest, smallest, and strongest PET heat shrink tubing that's made using our proprietary process. It combines incredible strength and durability with extraordinarily thin walls. It's ideal as you design and build medical devices for today's market requirements and tomorrow's patient needs, because it can be left in the finished device without significantly affecting the profile.

Nordson MEDICAL tailors our FEP heat shrink to your exact requirements through custom sizing, colors, and shrink ratios. With stringent quality standards, we ensure that your FEP heat shrink meets your needs and delivers the reliability you expect.

Learn how our heat shrink tubing can be used in your next project.

FEP Heat Shrink Tubing PET Heat Shrink Tubing
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