Concept Development

Concept Development

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Custom Fluid Management Components

Custom Fluid Mgmt.

Custom Balloon Catheters


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We are here to make sure your project starts off at full speed by bringing cross-functional expertise and industry experience to every challenge. Our approach to concept generation can launch an innovative design or kick start a stalled project. Or it can provide technical insights that empower your internal project team.

3i (Inspiration. Ideation. Innovation.) Brainstorming Service

Our 3i Brainstorming Service is a stand-alone, affordable brainstorming event that can deliver creative concepts and breakthrough solutions. Your team collaborates with ours in a one-day session focused on the challenge of your choice. We deliver to you a comprehensive report with our recommended path forward. 3i Brainstorming Services may address:

  • Design Concept Generation
  • Design & Performance Improvements
  • Reliability Improvements
  • Polymers Applications
  • Clinical Approach Definition
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Get from Concept to Clinical with Feasibility Prototyping

Nordson MEDICAL's insight, experience, and expertise can help you in the early stages of your medical device product development. Our feasibility prototyping takes your concept to the next level, as we deliver working prototypes for evaluation and initial bench testing.

An efficient service for both start-ups and established companies, Nordson MEDICAL can provide you:

  • Concept design, modeling, and material selection and procurement
  • Prototype assembly
  • Bench testing and evaluations of device performance

Feasibility prototyping helps you understand your commercialization goals, optimize your device design for manufacture, reduce technical risk, and identify improvements you can make in your processes and supply chain.

Our experienced engineers drive deliverables while maintaining a schedule and budget. Contact us today to start working with our team, and get an action plan for improving performance and costs.

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We have dedicated prototyping spaces, equipment (3D printers), and online tools to deliver solutions in days or weeks versus months. Our capabilities include:

  • Machining
  • 3D printing (SLA and FDM)
  • UV curing
  • Laser welding (metals and polymers)
  • Thermal processing
  • Test stands and microscopes for characterization testing and analysis
  • Braiding (16 and 32 carrier)
  • Coil winding (single and variable pitch)
  • Lamination (# machines)
  • Extrusion (single and multi-lumen)
  • RF tipping
  • Overmolding
  • Ultrasonic welding

We Have the Program for You

Offering Level of Customization Time Frame
Online Store Shop our in-stock components that can get you building prototypes. Based on availability.
ProtoTools™ Build a balloon catheter from a wide range of standard components. Ships within 2 weeks.
Development Project We can build low- to high-volume prototypes to your exact specifications. Our engineering team works with you over 1-2 months.


Nordson MEDICAL's simple online prototyping tools allow you to order semi-custom balloon catheters, engineered shafts, and components in days or weeks rather than months. This can simplify your development process early, which will ultimately get your device to market faster.

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Human Factors

Our teams bring an ergonomic focus to design using human characteristics, capabilities, and limitations to guide feature placement, actuation, and size. We also consider the use environment, intended user groups and profiles, intended body part and/or tissue usage, operating principles, and intended training early in the design process.

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