Market Segments

Market Segments

The Markets We Serve

For 50+ years, Nordson MEDICAL has specialized in the design, development, manufacturing, and assembly of complex medical devices and technologies. Our deep technical expertise and understanding of clinical applications serve the evolving needs of complex medical device manufacturers across the following markets:

Quality & Regulatory Compliance

With 50+ years of medical device experience, we have developed a thorough understanding of the complex regulatory environment. Every product is manufactured to exact specification, in full compliance with FDA guidelines, at one of our ISO-certified facilities. We host 100+ audits per year from customers and regulatory bodies.

Our certifications and registrations:

  • ISO 13485 and 14971 risk management certified
  • FDA registered and compliant with the Quality System Regulation
  • Class I, II, and III medical devices, including Premarket Approval (PMA) products
  • Class 7 and Class 8 cleanroom controlled environments
  • US FDA 21 CFR Part 820 compliance
  • Canadian Medical Device Conformity Assessment System compliance
  • Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP)
BioProcessing Market


Nordson MEDICAL serves biotechnology manufacturers all over the world. Whether they happen to manufacture therapeutics or vaccines, Nordson MEDICAL provides world-class single-use fluid transfer components to facilitate breakthrough advances in human and animal care pharmaceutical development. Optimal designs are executed producing reliable and cost-effective results that comply with the industry's highest standards and strict regulations.

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Cardiovascular Market


There are innovative new drugs and devices that lead to less-invasive treatment options. In particular, cardiovascular catheters are leveraging improved imaging and robotic-assisted surgeries. These devices require high strength and flexibility to effectively navigate the vasculature. Nordson MEDICAL is a full-service provider of balloon catheters that are commonly used to treat cardiovascular disease.

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Electrophysiology Market


Electrophysiology (EP) studies are used to diagnose arrhythmias, with the help of mapping catheters that record electrical activity in the heart and detect abnormal rhythms. Nordson MEDICAL has extensive experience in the electrophysiology space, including developing catheters for mapping, diagnostics, and ablation & energy delivery.

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Gastrointestinal Market

Gastrointestinal / Endoscopy

Endoscopic technologies are creating a minimally-invasive or non-invasive alternative to open surgeries. Nordson MEDICAL's portfolio of complex components and our full-service offering of design, development, and manufacture of finished devices can be used to treat many of these conditions at the highest quality.

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In Vitro Diagnostics Market

In Vitro Diagnostics

For decades, Nordson MEDICAL has been helping IVD manufacturers advance the technologies used to help improve patient lives. Quality is our #1 priority because lives depend on us. Customers can now enjoy the best value, delivery performance, and reliability that has always been the foundation of Nordson MEDICAL.

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Industrial Markets


Nordson MEDICAL's largest selection of fluid management components can provide more durability and withstand higher pressures for industrial applications. We specialize in quick disconnect couplings and luer fittings with proven leak-free internal shut-off valves. This eliminates the risk of spillage which creates less downtime and damages. Industrial markets include inkjet, electronic cooling, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, and analytical instrumentation.

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Neurovascular Market


Patients with neurovascular disorders, including brain aneurysms and carotid artery disease, are benefitting from advancements in microsurgical devices and treatments. Nordson MEDICAL is uniquely positioned to develop these life-saving advancements, with expertise developing thin-wall, high performance micro-catheters that optimize for specifications including pushability, flexibility, and mobilization resistance.

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Ophthalmic Market


Trust in the secure connections of Nordson MEDICAL's quick disconnect couplings and luer fittings. Nordson MEDICAL's fluid management components optimize for a clear vision. When there is no room for error, our leak-proof unions will make secure connections every time with their intuitive easy-to-use designs.

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Orthopedics Market

Orthopedics & Spine

Nordson MEDICAL develops minimally-invasive devices used in orthopedic procedures, including bone graft delivery devices, biomaterial applicators and tips, and balloon catheters.

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Other Markets

Other Medical

Nordson MEDICAL serves many medical markets in addition to our primary markets, including dental, dialysis, ENT, interventional radiology, neuraxial, peripheral vascular, respiratory care, robotics, and wound care.

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Patient Monitoring Market

Patient Monitoring

Our line of blood pressure fittings helps increase the safety of medical devices by reducing misconnections. Our BPM Series connectors are documented as ISO 80369-5 compliant with ISO 80369-20 testing documentation.

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Structural Heart Market

Structural Heart

The evolution of interventional medicine has led to the development of transcatheter procedures in the Structural Heart space. These procedures require highly controllable steerable shafts with in-plane articulation to deliver large implants precisely. Nordson MEDICAL is at the forefront of these life-saving advancements, with expertise developing the full system around the implant, including the complex steerable shaft, PTFE liner, balloons, and extrusions.

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Urology and Gynecology Market

Urology and Gynecology

Urology devices provide minimally-invasive treatment options for conditions that affect the male and female urinary tract and reproductive organs, including kidney stones, cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), urinary fibroids, and urinary incontinence. Complex nitinol-based devices include multipurpose snares, braided nets and baskets, and graspers.

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