Cannulae-Polymer Solution Casting

Cannulae - Polymer Solution Casting

Nordson MEDICAL is the world's leading contract manufacturer of cardiopulmonary vascular cannulae, catheters, and specialized medical tubing for a wide range of clinical applications. The key is our Avalon Laboratories polymer solution casting technology, which allows us to design and manufacture custom tubing with features not achievable by conventional extrusion or injection molding, at less cost.

Have an Interest in Utilizing Pebax®?

Nordson MEDICAL has a theoretical manufacturing approach to put Pebax® coatings on catheters and finished devices. Thinking beyond the typical manufacturing processes used in the market today, this method allows for seamless tapers along the full length of a catheter and offers unmatched flexibility with the elimination of fuse or glue joints. This new method can enable design options, previously thought to be impossible, to become a reality.

Schedule a meeting with us at MD&M West to discuss our exciting new exploration into seamless and flexible Pebax® coatings for catheters.

Applications of Polymer Solution Cast Cannulae

Polymer solution cast cannulae and catheters are used in a wide range of applications that require specialized medical tubing, including:

  • Bariatrics/Obesity: Some cannula have been used for gastrointestinal access, suction or delivery of obesity therapies.
  • Extracorporeal Life Support: Most of our cannula are used to aid in life support by transporting blood in and out of the body to oxygenate or remove carbon dioxide during various surgical procedures (some listed below) where the heart or the lungs cannot perform these functions. Cannula may also support patients in recovery after their procedures or on a longer-term life assist basis.
    • Bypass surgeries
    • Heart or lung support
    • Ventricular assist device (VAD) therapies
  • Peripheral Vascular Access/Stent Delivery: Utilizing polymer solution casting technology, we have helped catheter designers to develop components in larger assemblies for access and stent delivery
One-Piece Construction

Many Properties; One Device

Applying liquid polymers in layers allows us to combine into one device materials with different properties including strength, lubricity, and flexibility. This technique allows varying wall thicknesses and diameters along the length of the device in a single-piece construction, while maintaining tight tolerances. We can also add reinforcement for flexibility, kink resistance, and maneuverability. Polymer solution casting results in thin walls, high flow, and superior column strength for enhanced performance.

Custom Cannulae

Customized Materials to Meet Your Needs

Our experienced material engineers can collaborate with you to select the optimal materials to meet your device’s design and performance requirements. Materials include:

  • Polyurethanes (PU)
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Silicone urethane copolymers
  • Custom blends

Extensive Custom Capabilities

  • Single- or multilumen tubing
  • Coaxial tubing
  • Complex geometric designs
  • Tapered designs
  • Bump tubing
  • Bending/shaping/forming
  • Wide range of diameters and durometers
  • Embedded reinforcement options

Compare Our Construction

  Polymer Solution Casting Tri-layer Solutions
Target Applications
  • High Complexity
  • High Mix/Low Volume
  • Moderate Complexity
  • Low Mix/High Volume
Up-Front Cost
  • Minimal
  • Higher
  • Scale as needed
  • Limited access to low volume runs for custom extrusion
  • Single piece
  • No bond or butt joints
  • No delamination
  • Inner layer, tie layer. Requires bonding between layers.
  • Material variation along length requires butt joints or stepped diameter
  • Changes in diameter, wall thickness or material properties along the length
  • Smooth, continuous diameter transitions
  • Embedded component variety
  • Long lengths of identical, concentric tubing walls
  • Long lengths of identical, die-cut multi-lumen profiles
  • Lower cost for volume runs
  • Wall uniformity (thin layers conform to the geometry of embedded components)
  • Discrete process
  • Tapered diameters
  • Changes in wall thickness along the length
  • Smooth changes in material properties along the length
  • Embedding complex features
  • Ultra-thin layers

Polymer Solution Casting can help you achieve the performance you need. With our unique ability to combine several properties into a single-piece construction, and to create multiple lumens with tapers and other embedded features without bonds, you don't have to sacrifice design features. Our process can achieve things that traditional catheter manufacturing cannot. Want to find out more about how we can solve your design challenges with our unique approach?

Having Delamination Failures?

Polymer solution casting can help your delivery systems function properly without sacrificing design features. Our unique coating technology can better encapsulate your embedded components between PTFE liners and outer jackets. If your current bonding technique is less than appealing, find out how polymer solution casting can solidify your design.

More About Polymer Solution Cast Products

Nordson MEDICAL produces a wide range of products for surgical and minimally invasive procedures, including valve replacement and repair, bypass surgeries, urology, lung support, and ventricular assist device (VAD) therapies, and other specialized medical tubing applications.

Looking for Other Technologies to Develop Your Catheter-Based Device?

Our engineered shafts give you the ability to leverage the performance characteristics of multiple materials within one shaft to achieve a balance of strength, flexibility, torque response, kink resistance, and more.

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