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Precision Restriction Flow Controller and Shut-Off Valve

The BioValve® pinch valve is a precision restriction flow controller and shut-off valve for silicone tubing used in bioprocessing and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. The threaded pitch can be calibrated to 2 mm per turn to minimize flow path turbulence. Available in 1/4" (6.4 mm) and 1" (12.7 mm), BioValve® is perfect for precise operation. The valves can be SIP repeatedly, and they can also be autoclaved at 134°C for 5 minutes.

Features & Benefits

  • Threaded pitch can be calibrated to 2 mm per turn to minimize flow-path turbulence
  • Materials meet USP Class VI criteria
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BioValve® Technical Information

  • Glass-reinforced nylon 66
  • 1/4" (6.4 mm) to 1" (12.7 mm) OD
Barb Size
  • 600 Series
Maximum Operating Pressure
  • 150 psig (10.34 bar)
  • Can be SIP repeatedly
  • Can be autoclaved repeatedly at 134° C for 5 minutes
Maximum Cummulative Gamma Dose
  • 40 kGy
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