Product Changes & Notifications

Nordson MEDICAL Policy – Product Change Notification Policy for Standard Products

Our policy is to notify customers for changes related to a product's form, fit or function.

Customers who have purchased an affected standard part directly from Nordson MEDICAL within the previous 24 months are notified by email of the proposed change. No action by the customer is required to receive the email notifications regarding affected products purchased directly from Nordson MEDICAL.

We endeavor to communicate proposed changes 90 days before implementation. Sometimes shorter notification times are unavoidable, and we ask for your understanding in such cases.

Nordson MEDICAL’s products are our proprietary designs with which we serve many diverse customers and markets. Therefore we will not withhold changes to standard parts pending customer approval.

In the event that any change we propose causes you concern, we will work closely with you to minimize or alleviate any negative impact.

Please note that this change notification policy does not apply to custom products (those products generally offered for sale to only one customer, and for which Nordson MEDICAL requires a signed drawing prior to initial manufacturing). All custom product changes are managed on a case by case basis, and in general, must be approved by the individual customer prior to implementation.

If you believe that certain affected personnel at your company may not be in Nordson MEDICAL's records, or you have experienced personnel changes, please notify Nordson MEDICAL and we will add them to our communication record for your company.

The table below lists past product changes Nordson MEDICAL has implemented. Please click on the center column links to see the details of the changes. Click the links in the right hand column to view the parts which are affected by each product change.

Notice Date Reference Number Product Change Description / Parts Affected
11/18/2021 PCN1318640 PharmaLok Sanitary Fitting Clamp Colorant Change
11/12/2021 PCN1315085 SBLM Body Change
11/5/2021 PCN1307016 Kynar Change
10/12/2021 CC1294415 Product Discontinuance
9/22/2021 CC1277737 Molding Partnership
8/19/2021 PCN1255482 SCV Material Change
1/4/2021 CC1191494 Parts Discontinuation
11/19/2020 PCN1183748 Product Discontinuance-PVC Tubing
11/6/2020 PCN1108995 Product Discontinuance - Instrument Tees
11/6/2020 PCN1108996 Product Discontinuance - Gauge Guards
9/1/2020 PCN1111390 NEF-ISO 80369-6 Conformance
8/13/2020 CC1160636 Product Rationalization
7/6/2020 CC1109517 Product Rationalization
6/9/2020 PCN1069151 Stopcocks with Bond Socket Annealing
3/23/2020 PCN1067253 TBA Location Change
3/10/2020 PCN1100641 Discontinuing FCFM-2A-004
11/14/2019 PCN1063227 DCV Weld Joint
10/29/2019 PCN1091930 Polycarbonate Material Change
9/3/2019 PCN1087141 BioClamp & BioValve Packaging Change
7/25/2019 PCN1079453 GMX455-PX
7/19/2019 PCN1079166 N070/013 Print Change
5/30/2019 PCN1077997 PQC Series
3/29/2019 PCN401 Y070, Y080, Y670, Y680
3/15/2019 1076557 ISO 9001 Status Change-Loveland
1/11/2019 PCN1072988 Single Check Valves
10/9/2018 PCN390 Bioprocessing Clamp Improvements
5/4/2018 PCN382 N430-420
4/30/2018 PCN370 SCV25052
4/18/2018 PCN377 FTLL410 - Exterior Geometry Change
10/31/2017 PCN346B N420 and N430 Change Revision
10/24/2017 PCN364 NVFY42S-001 - Port ID
10/24/2017 PCN365 SCV06352 - Replacement
9/29/2017 PCN357 T60 Center Section
8/30/2017 PCN346 N420 and N430s Grip Change
8/30/2017 PCN366 Y6100, Y6110 - Print Only Change
4/18/2017 PCN354 RQ Series
4/18/2017 PCN359 Blue Nylon (-5)
1/20/2017 PCN345 TBA Series - DEHP-Free
12/5/2016 ECO352 Tubing Material Change
8/2/2016 PCN341 VBV0500NW, VBV1000NW - Additional Mfg Location
6/29/2016 PCN331 Large Ls and Tees-Improve for manufacturing
6/29/2016 PCN334 BPC240-Drawing change
6/21/2016 PCN336 N070-013 Grip Change-All Materials
5/23/2016 PCN313B SF Series-ASME BPE Standard
4/8/2016 PCN311B Stopcock Changes
2/8/2016 PCN313 SFMN655 - ASME BPE Standard
1/29/2016 PCN326 FCA026-001
10/6/2015 PCN311 Stopcock Changes
8/12/2015 PCN304 FCA018-001 and FCA021-001 - Stopcock Improvement
7/16/2015 PCN309 NVFSCMLLPC-Stopcock Improvement
4/16/2015 PCN305 VBV0500NW, VBV1000NW, VNG150WHT - Manufacturing Facility
4/1/2015 PCN301 Bayonet male cuff connector lead in radius removed - BPM013-1, BPM025-1, BPM035-1, BPM220-8003, BPM240-1
2/18/2015 PCN291 Add Flat Grips to L420-410, L230-220, L220-210 and L230-210, in all materials
12/5/2014 PCN285 Hex-core Grips - BSMLRL, M6210, M6220, S30, S40, S210, S250, SP in all materials
11/17/2014 PCN283 Spike VPM8240601N & Guarded Sub-assembly VPS5069200N
11/14/2014 1031612 New Manufacturing Facility-VP
11/11/2014 PCN258 L420 Adding a Flat to the Exterior Surface and a Draft to the ID
9/10/2014 PCN288 PM2N-X0 and PM3N-X0 Panel Mount Nuts Changed for RoHS Compliance
4/21/2014 PCN252 N410, N210 Center Section Change - All Materials
3/12/2014 PCN277 SCV01092
3/4/2014 PCN271 SCV21053 - Improved Diaphragm
11/27/2013 PCN221 N220, N220/210, N230/210, CF471 Center Section - All Materials
10/30/2013 PCN260-1 Supplemental Information for PCN260
10/7/2013 PCN260 Tubing Change
8/27/2013 PCN248 SFMN655, SFMN670, SFMN680, SFMNC ASME BPE Conformance