30 Series Quick Connect Couplings

30 Series - 1/8" Flow Size Quick Connect Couplings

Nordson MEDICAL is Proud to Announce the New CL-30 Series Quick Connect Couplings

As a result of Nordson MEDICAL’s collaboration with customers working with surgical applications in the health care industry, we’re proud to announce the new CL-30 Series of Quick Connect Couplings. Manufactured in a stringently controlled setting, free of excessive particulates, and features a patient-friendly ergonomic design – the new CL-30 Series is ideal for medical and surgical applications. The CL Series of quick connect couplings are not only more reliable with fewer moving parts and no external springs they are also ergonomic for patient care.

The CL 30-Series of quick connects continues to build on Nordson MEDICALs expertise in design, development, and manufacturing of complex medical and component technologies. The CL 30-Series provides a cost-effective solution with its all-plastic thumb-latch design, resistance to most mild chemicals, and cycle testing up to 100,000 connections. Exceptionally designed, compact and ergonomic - the CL 30-Series offers a larger flow path and audible click when a positive connection is made.

Request your CL 30-Series samples today and discover firsthand how partnering with Nordson MEDICAL can save costs, speed time to market and enhance the lives of patients everywhere.

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1/8" Flow Size - Advanced Plastic Latch

  • Advanced plastic-latch couplings
  • Cost-effective, all-plastic thumb-latch design
  • Resistant to most mild chemicals
  • Audible click when coupled
  • No external springs and fewer moving parts for enhanced reliability
  • Does not connect or interchange with other thumb-latch couplings
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30 Series Quick Connect Couplings Technical Information

  • Bodies, Terminations & Latch
    • Acetal (polyoxymethylene [POM])
  • Internal Valves
    • Acetal (POM)
  • Internal Valve Springs
    • 316 Stainless Steel
  • O-Rings
    • Buna-N
    • Other options available
  • Not available
Fits Tubing IDs
  • 1/16" (1.6 mm)
  • 1/8" (3.2 mm)
  • 5/32" (4.0 mm)
  • 3/16" (4.8 mm)
  • 1/4" (6.4 mm)
Flow Capacity
  • 1/8" (3.2 mm)
Operating Pressure
  • Vacuum to 120 psi (8.3 bar)
  • -40° F (40° C) to 180° F (82° C)


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