Balloon Catheters Prototyping Tools

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Nordson MEDICAL has developed several innovative tools to help you design and develop clinically effective, complex devices and technologies—in less time and at less cost.


Get a quick-turn prototype balloon catheter that ships in as little as 2 weeks with our ProtoCath™ online design tool. Select from a full range of modular features to design a complete balloon catheter prototype, delivered at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Time and Cost Comparison

As an industry leader for interventional balloon catheters, Nordson MEDICAL has developed a quick-turn prototype balloon catheter offering, ProtoCath™, to expedite time-to-market for our customers.

Conventional Development
Balloon catheter prototypes without ProtoCath™: Minimum of 9 weeks and $27K+

Generate catheter design

2+ weeks

Specify & order custom balloons (extrusions & molds required)

5+ weeks

Develop processes, obtain tooling & build catheter prototypes

2+ weeks

Prototypes evaluation

2+ days

Balloon catheter prototypes with ProtoCath™
2 weeks and under $1.5K

Evaluate ProtoCath™ offering

1 day

Source initial order of 3 catheters

2 weeks

Prototype evaluation

1 day

Development Milestone:
Balloon catheter prototype evaluation

Comprehensive Options

Our ProtoCath™ tool is based on industry-standard catheter platforms. Start by selecting your balloon or catheter type, then choose from a range of technically compatible options, including:

  • Catheter type (RX, OTW)
  • Balloon material (PET, Nylon, Polyurethane)
  • Balloon size
  • Catheter working length (up to 140 cm)
  • Distal tip geometry and length (3 mm - 7 mm)
  • Number and spacing of radiopaque markers and visual shaft markers
  • Number of balloon folds
  • Coaxial & dual-lumen shaft configurations
  • Packaging (straight or coiled)
  • Lubricious coating to reduce friction

Design Your Own Balloon Catheter

If you want to customize beyond ProtoCath™, Design Your Own Balloon Catheter. Save time and cost with our flexible balloon catheter option. Start by selecting from a wide range of stock balloons and work with our design team to add the features you need. Or start with the prototype you designed using our ProtoCath™ tool and make further custom modifications.

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