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Nordson MEDICAL has developed several innovative tools to help you design and develop clinically effective, complex devices and technologies—in less time and at less cost.

SimShaft™ Design Simulation Service

Find your optimal catheter shaft design faster and more cost effectively with our SimShaft™ design simulation service. Our experienced engineers use specialized software to analyze your design and simulate catheter shaft performance characteristics. The result is a report with recommended shaft designs—earlier in the design process.

Versatility™ Universal Handle

Whether you're developing a steerable device, catheter, or sheath, the Versatility handle platform can help you shave months off your product development timeline, at a fraction of the cost of conventional development. Work with Nordson MEDICAL to create a semicustom prototype using the Versatility handle, or order a Versatility handle kit from our online store and design a steerable sheath.

Time and Cost Comparison

Based on an actual case study, this chart compares time and cost of developing a high-fidelity steerable sheath prototype using a) conventional development methods and b) development using the Versatility handle. Leveraging the Versatility handle and Nordson MEDICAL's advanced components shaved 9 weeks off the schedule for achieving a critical development milestone and saved 50% of costs.

Conventional Development
Device development without Versatility handle: Minimum of 11 weeks and $87K

Generate dedicated handle design

2+ weeks

Order and receive 1st round rapid prototypes (SLA)

1 week

Test handle components and iterate design

2+ weeks

Order and receive 2nd round rapid prototypes (SLA)

1 week

Test handle components & finalize molded design

2+ weeks

Cut soft molds and receive 1st shots

2+ weeks

Build and evaluate

1 week

Development leveraging Versatility™ handle*
<2 weeks and 50% of cost

Evaluate design compatibility

1 day

Place order online

1 day

Build and evaluate

1 week

Development Milestone:
High-fidelity prototype with proven molded handle

*Costs include braided shaft development by Nordson MEDICAL. Development times and costs may vary based on application.

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Versatile Design

The Versatility handle platform can accommodate shafts up to 24 Fr, and can be configured for a variety of applications and functionalities:

Versatility handle design articulation
Unidirectional, bidirectional, or multiplanar
Precise advancement/retraction
Precise angular positioning

Which Option Should I Choose?

Handle Type Shaft Sizes Motion Availability
Versatility Mini Universal Handle Kit* 0-10 Fr with your device 1 or 2 motions: choose from articulation, translation, or rotation Currently unavailable
Versatility Universal Handle Kit* 0-24 Fr with your device Steerable unidirectional or bidirectional catheter handle Currently unavailable
Design Your Own Steerable Sheath 0-24 Fr with shaft built to your specifications, including custom reinforced shafts 1 or 2 motions: choose from articulation, translation, or rotation Available in as little as 2 weeks
* Assembly required. Kit includes handle components only. Shaft and other components available separately.

Design Your Own Steerable Sheath

Nordson MEDICAL can work with you to design and develop a shaft and fully assembled steerable sheath prototype using the Versatility handle platform or your custom specifications. Please fill out this form to describe your needs, and a Nordson MEDICAL team member will contact you promptly.

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