Project Booster Session

Project Accelerators

3i Project Booster Session

Inspiration. Ideation. Innovation. Take your project to the next level with a 3i project booster session. This stand-alone, affordable, refined brainstorming event can deliver rapid response, creative concepts, and breakthrough solutions.

3R Design Review Service

3R Design Review Service

Review. Research. Recommend. Reduce technical risk at any stage with our 3R design review service. Our team can review your product development program and recommend opportunities to refine your design, improve your manufacturing process, address yield issues, and reduce costs.

Optimal catheter shaft design faster

SimShaft™ Design Simulation Service

Get the information you need to optimize your catheter shaft design quickly and economically with our SimShaft design simulation service. Our experts analyze your design using specialized software to simulate catheter shaft performance characteristics and help you identify the optimal shaft design–much faster than traditional methods.

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