Nordson MEDICAL has been an OEM solutions provider of biomaterial delivery and graft delivery devices for more than 30 years working as a collaborative partner with some of the largest medical device companies in the world.
OEM Solutions

Technology Research & Development
Our engineering team is continuously creating innovative concepts to expand our catalog of biomaterial applicators and improve our existing products. This continuous research and improvement process has allowed Nordson MEDICAL to become the "gold standard" for biomaterial applicators.

Innovative Product Development and Design
Our engineering expertise can provide a solution for complex biomaterial mixing and delivery systems covering a broad range of biomaterials. We have in-depth understanding of biomaterials that require careful processing and handling to deliver a life-saving therapy to the surgical site. We support customers with timely engineering response and innovative approaches to product line extensions and new product development.

Through a carefully scripted user requirements process, we listen to and understand your needs which allows us to respond with rapid prototyping of working devices for your review and approval reducing the time and cost of your project. Our expertise translates into faster development of a solution which translates to faster speed to market for you.

Our defined product development process ensures all new products meet and/or exceed customer and regulatory requirements. This product development process is supported by state of the art software (SolidWorks – Solid Modeling) and an R&D lab that has mechanical, thermal and fluid flow analysis capability. Whatever you need to deliver your next breakthrough idea, partnering with Nordson MEDICAL OEM solutions gives you access to innovative product design, development and project management capabilities.

Global Regulatory and Registration Support
Our global registration expertise improves speed to market in new geographies. We can assist you with the stringent demands of marketing/distributing in many countries around the world, including the Americas, Europe, Australia, Russia, India, and Asia Pacific.

All Nordson MEDICAL products are developed, manufactured and tested in accordance with applicable standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR 820 and International Organization for Standardization, the Canadian Medical Device Conformity Assessment System, and the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. The Micromedics line of biomaterial delivery devices is certified to ISO 13485 by a recognized CMDCAS Registrar and CE marks products accordingly.

EN ISO 13485:2012 Certificate - EU
ISO 13485:2009 Certificate - CMDCAS

Manufacturing Capacity and Quality
With access to over 250,000 sq ft of design, manufacturing, assembly and distribution services, Nordson MEDICAL can meet your global demand for products.

We are an FDA registered manufacturing facility with clean room manufacturing and assembly certified to 100,000. Nordson MEDICAL is equipped with multiple injection molding machines including plastic injection molding and over molding including 2-shot and insert molding. Products intended for sterilization are assembled and packaged in an ISO 14644-1 Class 8 clean room. We utilize both manual and automated medical device assembly processes tailored to manufacture the highest quality biomaterial delivery systems.

Nordson MEDICAL's Quality Management System is designed as a system of interrelated processes meeting the requirements of ISO 13485:2003. Quality is tracked with key metrics to ensure continuous improvement.