Welcome to the Online Ordering Help

The main sections of this guide correspond to the major functional areas of the website:

  • Finding Parts: This section helps you understand the search and configurator tools that are available for finding specific parts on the Nordson MEDICAL website.
  • Creating An Account: This section looks at the account creation process and the login process, as well as the "Your Account" window.
  • Adding Parts To The Cart: This section helps you understand the basic flow of the shopping cart on the Nordson MEDICAL website, as well as the "Mini Cart" window.
  • Checking Out: This is a step by step explanation of the check out and payment processes.
  • Account Management: This section describes all of the account management tools available on the Nordson MEDICAL website
This guide is maintained by the Nordson MEDICAL IT staff. If you have any questions, comments or sugestions, please email IT@nordsonmedical.com