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Assembly Tools
Choosing from our more than 4,000 options we offer doesn’t have to be a chore! Follow these basic guidelines and you’ll narrow your options down to a few choices – or have your requirements ready for discussion with our professionals in the Nordson MEDICAL Design Center.

Tubesetter®: Manual

Due to supply constraints we are no longer offering for sale the Manual Tubesetter product line. We will endeavor to support you as much as possible, but we will no longer be able to supply replacement parts for the Manual Tubesetter.

We have identified an alternative source of manual and semi-automated tube insertion equipment - Clean Room Devices, LLC. You can find more information at www.cleanroomdevices.com located in Westminster, Colorado, phone +1 (303) 438-0853.

Tubesetter®: Semi-Automatic, and Fitting Inserters

The former Value Plastics Automatic Tubesetter device is now serviced, sold and marketed by Clean Room Devices, LLC, of Westminster, CO. Clean Room Devices offers a complete line of assembly equipment to reduce labor content in tube set fabrication. For further information contact Ron DelValle, Clean Room Devices, 303.438.0853 or visit their website at http://www.cleanroomdevices.com