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Barb Performance
Choosing from our more than 4,000 options we offer doesn’t have to be a chore! Follow these basic guidelines and you’ll narrow your options down to a few choices – or have your requirements ready for discussion with our professionals in the Nordson MEDICAL Design Center.

Performance of Barb to Tube Connections

Tensile pull and burst tests were performed by an independent laboratory under controlled conditions to provide comparative performance data for the various barb styles and sizes offered by Nordson MEDICAL.

Graph number 1 presents the data from each of the tests for each barb style connected to PVC, silicone, and polyurethane tubes. Graph numbers 2 through 7 present the data from each of the tests for each barb size and each barb style connected to PVC tube.

The values shown are the mean of a statistically significant sample quantity of each configuration. Nordson MEDICAL barbed fittings specifically designed for use with the tubing size indicated were used in these tests. No oversized barbs, solvents, adhesives, or secondary fasteners of any kind were used.

Tensile Pull Test: Tensile properties were measured to determine the force required to remove the barbed fitting from the tubing. Tensile specimens were mounted axially in a holding fixture and tested at a rate of 20 inches per minute. Failure mode was tubing separating from the barb.

Hydrostatic Burst Test: Hydrostatic burst testing was performed in general accordance with ASTM D1599. Failure mode was either tubing separating from the barb, the tubing bursting, or a combination of the two.

Barb Performance Graphs
  Graph 1: Barb Performance vs. Material Graph 6: 3/16" Barb Performance  
Graph 2: 1/16" Barb Performance Graph 7: 1/4" Barb Performance
Graph 3: 3/32" Barb Performance Graph 8: 600 Series Barb Leak Tests
Graph 4: 1/8" Barb Performance Graph 9: 600 Series Barb Tensile Pull Tests
Graph 5: 5/32" Barb Performance Download all graphs via PDF

The data presented here is for reference only.
Please test our products in your specific application to determine suitability. 

The data presented here is for reference only. It was compiled to provide our customers with a means of comparing the characteristics of components at the time of publication. The particular conditions of your use and application of our products are beyond our control. Thus, it is imperative that you test our products in your specific application to determine their suitability. All information is provided without implied or expressed warranty or guarantee by Nordson MEDICAL or other manufacturers. None of the information provided constitutes a recommendation or endorsement of any kind by Nordson MEDICAL.