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Component Manufacturing
Nordson MEDICAL is a certified ISO company and designs and manufactures thousands of medical grade tube fittings and connectors. Using state-of-the-art technology, our knowledgeable engineers can determine the most ideal fitting for your application. If a custom-made solution is required, we work closely with you to ensure you get the best solutions for your assemblies.

Simplified Tubing Assemblies

We manufacture over 4,000 plastic tubing components, and the variety of styles available provides our designers the widest range of desired assemblies. Whether you need medical grade tube fittings or solutions for industrial applications, Nordson MEDICAL has the largest selection in the industry!

Offering off-the-shelf or custom-made solutions, optimal designs are executed producing reliable and cost-effective results that comply with the industry’s strict regulations. Nordson MEDICAL offers a full quality assurance staff that is available to assist when regulatory and technical questions arise. If your needs lie outside of their expansive product lines, the Nordson MEDICAL Design Center can design a custom solution to your exact requirements.

Consistent, Reliable, and Quality Customer Service

Nordson MEDICAL offers superior customer service, part drawings, and free samples of our fittings. Our team is knowledgeable in designs, materials and applications.

To order samples, contact Nordson MEDICAL directly through our direct sales force, web site, major industry catalog sources or worldwide business partners. Send an email to sales@nordsonmedical.com.