Tuohy Borst Adapters

TBA Series Tuohy Borst Adapters

Facilitating Catheter Introduction

Nordson MEDICAL's TBA Series of Tuohy Borst adapters are designed to facilitate catheter introduction in interventional and diagnostic procedures where fluid backflow is a concern.

  • Hermetic septum seal designed to help eliminate backflow
  • Luer terminations comply with EN/ISO standards
  • Available with and without side ports for delivering medication
  • Cap does not remove in fully opened position
  • Convenient bag sizes of 100 and 25 - larger sizes available on request
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TBA Series Tuohy Borst Adapters Technical Information

  • Body
    • Clear PVC
    • Different cap color options
  • Gasket
    • Silicone
    • Natural Kraton™
  • Adult with side port
  • Adult without side port
  • Pediatric without side port
Through-Hole ID
  • 0.025"–0.100" (0.635 mm–2.540 mm)
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