Balloon Catheter Programs Leverage our Expertise in Components

Balloon Catheters

Nordson MEDICAL can bring your catheter idea to life. Our balloon catheter programs leverage our expertise in components—including medical balloons, medical tubing, and engineered shafts—with technical resources to design, develop, and manufacture your device. As a single-source provider, we can handle all your catheter needs, from quick-turn prototypes to high-volume production.

Extensive Capabilities

Partner with us for a complete solution to your catheter-based device needs. Our Catheter Center of Excellence, located in Galway, Ireland, offers a full range of in-house capabilities, including:

  • Custom balloon extrusion
  • Balloon forming
  • Balloon blowing
  • Balloon bonding, welding, pleating and folding
  • Coating/masking
  • Hub and strain relief printing
  • Marker band swaging
  • Manifolds and hub bonding
  • Balloon and balloon catheter functional testing - burst testing, compliance, fatigue testing, tensile strength, and sim use
  • Packaging, labeling, sterilization
  • RX/OTW wire platforms
  • Multiple lumen and balloon options
  • Reinforced and steerable shafts
  • Electronic integration
Catheters and Coatings

Applications of Balloon Catheters

  • Occlusion: These balloon catheters prevent or redirect movement of fluid and/or objects with balloons that are highly compliant so they conform to the anatomy and form a seal.
  • Dilatation: These balloon catheters have controlled compliance to open to a precise diameter, high tensile strength to allow thin walls and low profiles, and high inflation pressures to open blocked passageways.
  • Ablation (RF Ablation, Renal Denervation, Cryoablation, etc): These balloon catheters help position the device to ensure precise treatment, contain the energy source, and allow for transmission of energy from catheter to tissue.
  • Implant Delivery: These balloon catheters deliver grafts, stents, or valves and have high strength to open the device, high durability to prevent damage from contact with the implant, and a low profile.
  • Drug Delivery: These balloon catheters localize the medication and are an effective alternative to administering it intravenously, which delivers the drug systemically to unwanted areas throughout the whole body.

Balloon Catheter Programs for Every Team's Needs

Program Level of Customization
ProtoCath™ Online Prototyping Tool Select from modular balloon and shaft options
Design Your Own Balloon Catheter Stock balloon; custom shaft options
Custom balloon catheters Fully custom balloon and shaft options
ProtoCath Prototyping Tool Accelerates Balloon Catheter R&D and Prototypes

Get a modular balloon catheter prototype in as little as 2 weeks. With our ProtoCath™ Online Prototyping Tool, you can select from a full range of modular features to design a complete balloon catheter, delivered at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Many standard sizes are available for delivery in as little as 2 weeks.

Our ProtoCath™ tool accelerates the R&D process and speeds initial evaluation of prototypes for proof of concept. There's no need to invest in custom balloons and extrusions in the early stages of your project, and you can order as few as 3 catheters per design.

Design Your Own Balloon Catheter

Our semicustom option gives you flexibility and saves time and cost. Start by selecting from a wide range of stock balloons and work with our design team to add only the custom features you need. Or start with the prototype you designed using our ProtoCath™ tool and make further custom modifications.

Custom Balloon Catheters

Build a fully custom balloon catheter from scratch. We can partner with you to design, develop, and test a custom balloon catheter built to your specifications. Send us your design or contact us at 00.353.91.764.624 to work with our engineering experts to develop one.

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