Nitinol Components - Alloy (NiTi) Based Invasive Medical Devices

Nitinol Components

Prototype Through Volume Manufacturing

Whether you're looking for a handful of prototype devices or a partner that can scale to production volumes, Nordson MEDICAL can handle your nitinol component needs. We have expertise in complex nitinol wire braiding and forming with over 1 million nitinol components deployed into the field today. Our available engineering development resources offer support on new product manufacturing, reducing development costs and time while also utilizing best practices for component, sub-assembly, and full-assembly development, all backed by a proven track record.

Nitinol Wire Forming and Manipulation for Custom Components: Meeting Customer Requirements

With its shape memory properties, nitinol wire is a highly suitable material for a range of medical applications. Given its exceptional mechanical and thermal properties, the demand for nitinol products is on the rise. Learn more about the process of forming and manipulating nitinol wire to create customized components.

Complex Manual Nitinol Components - Wire Braiding and Forming

Why Nordson Wire-Forming?

Our wire-forming technology allows for a more customized product than machine or laser cutting, with the widest range of sizes, shapes, densities, wire combinations, radiopaque elements, and controlled geometry, including:

  • Multipurpose Snares
  • Braided Baskets
  • Braided Stents

Examples of Complex Nitinol-Based Devices

Nitinol components are used in minimally invasive devices for markets including urology, neurology, vascular, gastrointestinal, and structural heart.

Some examples include:

  • Stone Extractors
  • Multipurpose Snares
  • Braided Nets & Baskets
  • Braided Stents
  • Valve Frames & Clips
  • Stent Grafts
  • Mesh Over Balloons
Nitinol Components Manufacturing Services

Specialized Manufacturing Capabilities

We provide you with true rapid prototyping services. When you're ready to scale, our production facilities have highly experienced manufacturing team members to meet your volume production needs.

  • Available engineering development resources
  • Agile & lean R&D - Reduce development cost & time
  • State of the art & best practices (Validation, TM, TMV etc.)
  • Component, Sub assembly & Full assembly
  • Proven track record

Complex Nitinol Technology Advantages:

  • Complex mesh shapes & geometric structures
  • Structural & density variations within one product
  • Attachment options – spiral, wavy, straight
  • Multilateral closed ends
  • Symmetric & asymmetric structures
  • 2M+ human-use components to date

Nitinol Braiding Capabilities

Wire Diameters

  • 0.038-0.5 mm (0.0015″-0.02″)

Wire Type

  • PT, Pt/Ir
  • DFT
  • Various wire shapes (round, flat, rectangular, pie, & cable)

Device Dimensions

  • Outer diameters 1.0-24 mm (0.004″- 1″)
  • Length 2.5-500 mm (0.1″-20″)

Integrated Elements

  • Radiopaque markers
  • Loops & rings

Process Control

  • Measuring every single step
  • Fully automated inspection
  • High uniformity
  • AF testing
  • Tensile testing
  • Optical measurements system
  • Etching
  • Passivation
  • Corrosion testing


  • Single cell dimensional control
  • Single cell PPI variation
  • Variable device diameter support

Assembly Methods

  • Wire-forming
  • Braiding
  • Reflowing
  • Pneumatic crimping
  • Soldering
  • Laser welding

Breakthrough Capabilities

  • Design for special braids
  • Wide range of wire diameters
  • Ability to integrate markers & rings
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